Creative Evolution is a forum for women to present their work in development.  It is a workhouse for a wide range of performing arts genres, such as, but not limited to, dance, music/composition, comedy, drama, plays and performance art.  It is also inclusive of literary arts such as poetry, fiction, memoir, creative non-fiction and essays.

We accept submissions from women of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds, regardless of ethnicity, or sexual orientation.  Additionally, in a culture that is biased towards youth, particularly in the arts, Creative Evolution is especially devoted to assisting female artists who are 40+ years old.

Creative Evolution also has sensitivity for work that demonstrates the journey of self-discovery of the artist.  We seek to provide a safe space for the artist to discover her authentic voice, to branch out into genres she has not yet tried and to try out new works.


Some of our favorite creative vendors:

Maeghan Donohue – photographer

Elizabeth Whitney – public speaking, writing, copyediting

Red Durkin – web designer

Kenny Funk – graphic designer

Julianne Chatelain – editor, small business guru, generally making things happen

Mike Trupiano – transcription services

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